Echo Documents. (ED ) was formed in 2009 by Mister. Andrew Morone, who was a former reformist at the Ukranian Government from 1994-2003. Then he started Fake and real Documents and Fake money as a way to enable everybody around the World to be able to get the Required Document they need for their freedom. His idea was to institute freedom through the obtention of the required document that enables each individual to be free in society. He then started the Fake Documents and Counterfeit , Cooperation with partners from all parts of the World. Counterfeit Doc. Now have affiliations with National Institutions ( Governments ) in all parts on the Globe.

To improve the Fast obtention and productions of any official document that an individual may need for his freedom, Echo Documents. Acts as a middleman between you and the legal authorities for your documents to be made on time. All of our documents are official documents authorized by the legal authorities registered on database systems, verified, authenticated by the legal government officials. We at Echo Documents, facilitate the process of obtention these documents through our programs that are 100% safe and legalized. Every document made with us shall be however done with all discretion and without the involvement of any third party. You shall be required to follow our procedures and policies respectfully and also provide the modality payments. We provide documentation services such as; PASSPORTS, ID CARDS, DRIVING LICENSE, IELTS & TOEFL CERTIFICATES, CITIZENSHIP, AND SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ( SSN ).

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